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Frequently Asked Questions

When do NBC's fall shows premiere?

Two of NBC’s comedies, Lopez vs. Lopez and Young Rock, are set to premiere Friday, November 4. Below, see the complete list of when NBC’s fall shows will air: When do NBC’s fall 2022 shows premiere? 8:15-11:30 p.m. ET – Sunday Night Football: NFL Kickoff Game (Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Rams)

What's new on NBC in 2021?

(WCMH) – NBC has announced its new schedule for the upcoming 2021 fall season. The network is adding three new dramas to its lineup.

What is fall TV season?

Fall TV season is the best time of the year for misunderstood investigators, troubled reporters, feuding country music stars, amnesiac time travelers, Old West widows, and flannel-wearing demon hunters.

When is the CW's fall premiere?

The festivities kick off on Monday, Sept. 20, and continue through November due to The CW's late fall premieres. Get out your calendars ready and get ready to dive back into fall TV. And make sure to check your local listings to make sure you have the right channel to tune into. JUMP TO: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, THE CW

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