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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the IP address of a device on my Network?

Both of these items can be found in the Network section in System Preferences. Open System Preferences and click the Network icon, then select the TCP/IP tab at the top as shown below: In my case, the IP address is and the subnet mask is

How do I see all IP addresses on my Network?

Click the "Start" button on the Windows menu bar, type "cmd" in the text box and press "Enter" to open a command window. Type the following command: nmap -sP Press "Enter". Nmap will scan the entire range of IP addresses, starting with 192.168.

What can change a network IP address?

Windows command prompt Open the Windows command prompt. Type netsh to start the netsh utility. To change the IP address, you need to specify not only the new IP address but also the subnet mask and default gateway. Use the command structure below.

How do I access my IP address?

Open the "Start" menu on your local computer and expand the "All Programs" list. Go into the "Accessories" and "Communications" folders and then click on "Remote Desktop Connection.". Enter the remote IP address that you want to access in the "Computer" field in the pop-up window.

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