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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Netflix have a 360 review process?

“With a corporate culture that’s all about regular and honest communication, this ongoing review process is designed to keep people on track, identify problems and let you both (or all) know what needs to change.” It’s great to see a mega company like Netflix taking an active role in improving their culture and embracing 360 reviews.

Are 360 degree appraisals the future of performance reviews at Netflix?

It seems that Netflix is taking steps to shake up their company culture—including adopting 360 degree appraisals and scrapping their old performance appraisal system. “Netflix ditched the formal performance reviews in favor of an informal 360-review system ,” reported Shelly Kramer.

Are 360s at Netflix nerve wracking?

Another former employee who had a long tenure at Netflix said 360s are nerve wracking at first, but not after you get accustomed to them. The 360s are separate from annual compensation reviews at Netflix, which usually occur later in the year, around October or November.

How to respond to feedback from Netflix?

Accept or discard: You will receive lots of feedback from lots of people while at Netflix. You are required to listen and consider all feedback provided. You are not required to follow it. Say “thank you” with sincerity. But both you and the provider must understand that the decision to react to the feedback is entirely up to the recipient.

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