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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a murmuration?

Murmuration isn’t just a fun word to say – it’s also an incredible natural phenomenon! Imagine yourself stood out in the countryside, perhaps by a reed bed, near the sea on a large pier, or even on a tall hill in a city. Suddenly, you spot thousands of starlings, all flying together in a whirling, ever-changing pattern.

What happens when a murmuration turns in unison?

As shown in today's video, when a murmuration turns in unison, scientists believe it's like a phase transition. It's easy to understand how one starling knows to turn when its neighbor turns, since they're close together and can see each other.

What does a starling murmurate sound like?

Murmuration is the act of murmuring. A murmur is a generally low sound - like a rumble. If you’re ever lucky enough to get within earshot of a starling murmuration then you can hear the subtle beating of wings which sounds like murmuring. This murmuring sound is why starling murmurations came to be known as they are. When do starlings murmurate?

How long do Starling Murmurations last?

Starling murmurations can last up to 45 minutes, but some may only last just a few minutes. The end of a murmuration is usually sudden - something will seemingly prompt the bids to stream into their roosts, which is a wonderful sight in itself. Larger murmurations might form different groups that enter the roost at staggered intervals.

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