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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best definition of the word “most”?

1 : greatest in quantity, extent, or degree the most ability 2 : the majority of most people

What is the meaning of at most cost?

at (the) most. used when saying what is the largest possible amount or number: At most, the work will take a week. It should cost around $20, or $30 at the most. make the most of sth. B2. to take full advantage of something because it may not last long: It's a beautiful day - we should make the most of it. More examples.

How do you use most of in a sentence?

You use most or most of to talk about the majority of a group of things or people, or the largest part of something. You use most in front of a plural noun which does not have a determiner, such as 'the' or 'a', or a possessive, such as 'my' or 'our', in front of it.

What is the most program?

The MOST program provides a more comprehensive approach, empowering terminally-ill patients the right to make decisions on their end-of-life care options, in consultation with their DC-licensed authorized healthcare provider (Physician (MD/DO) or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) only ).

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