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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the last name Moreno mean?

This surname MORENO is of two-origins. It was a Spanish and Portugese nickname for someone with dark hair and a swarthy complexion, originally derived from the Latin MAURINUS. The name was also borne by Sefardic Jews, probably of the same origin as the Spanish and Portugese names.

What is Moreno in Spanish?

The original meaning of moreno comes from Moro, which is an expression that Spaniards used to refer to the arabs that conquered their land for 600 years. By extension, all the people with dark skin is referred to as “moreno” nowadays.

What is Moreno sugar?

Summary. Sugar Moreno is 42 years old and was born on 3/26/1976. Currently, she lives in Chicago, IL. Sometimes Sugar goes by various nicknames including moreno sugar and c moreno sugar. She currently works as a Permanent Employee Registration Card at . Sugar's education includes attending bloom trail high school.

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