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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy Monrovia plants?

Monrovia plants will help your garden thrive for years to come. Our plants are nurtured with attention to every detail. Monrovia has the largest selection of plants online, from shrubs, perennials, annuals, trees, grasses, and conifers. Browse our extensive plant catalog for accurate plant information and buy plants online.

Where is Roger Anderson's peony garden?

In 2012, the Hoard Historical Museum of Fort Atkinson in Jefferson County, Wisconsin dedicated the Roger F. and Sandra L. Anderson Peony Garden in honor of Roger's extensive work in peony hybridization.

What is the largest intersectional peony collection in North America?

The garden contains a sizable number of Roger's peony cultivars (along with other plants donated by the Andersons) and purportedly holds the honor of featuring North America's largest public intersectional peony collection, as of 2012.

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