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Frequently Asked Questions

How to grow Monrovia?

Dig a hole twice the diameter of the pot and deep enough that the base of the plant will sit at ground level. Add a bit of slow-release fertilizer if desired to the hole. Fill hole with soil and pat gently in place. Water thoroughly. Make sure the soil stays relatively moist but not soggy as the roots get established over the first few weeks.

Where is Monrovia Nursery located?

Monrovia Nursery Co is located at the address 13455 Se Lafayette Hwy in Dayton, Oregon 97114. They can be contacted via phone at (503) 868-7911 for pricing, hours and directions.

How far is Monrovia from Santa Clarita?

Distance from Santa Clarita to Monrovia. Distance between Santa Clarita and Monrovia is 57 kilometers (35 miles). Driving distance from Santa Clarita to Monrovia is 69 kilometers (43 miles).

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