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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I measure progress or effectiveness of therapy?

There are many ways in which progress or effectiveness of therapy can be measured. For many years the most common approach, which continues to be useful, was to have a written treatment plan which includes clear goals and objectives identified by the client.

What is the treatment progress indicator for psychiatry?

Unlike other specialties, psychiatry lacks a vital sign or tests (eg, blood pressure for hypertension and hemoglobin A1cfor diabetes) to objectively measure a patient’s response to therapy. A new tool called the Treatment Progress Indicator (TPI) appears to offer clinicians an objective approach to assess patients and to monitor therapy over time.

Does routine outcome monitoring improve outcomes for psychotherapy patients?

In this systematic review and meta-analysis, the authors sought to explore if tracking patient responses to treatment through routine outcome monitoring (ROM) practices improves overall outcomes for psychotherapy patients.

How effective are outcome measurement tools in mental health therapy?

Outcome measurement tools in mental health therapy also allow counselors to measure the impact of treatment over the course of time. If little-to-no progression occurs, the client and clinician can tweak the course of therapy to see better results. So, are these methods efficient tools to use in treatment?

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