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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a great home security system?

The 10 Qualities of a Good Security System Customized Specifically for Your Location. Your security system should be tailored to your individual needs. ... Redundant Power Supply. Any good security system will be protected against simple vulnerabilities like power failures. ... Monitoring Service. ... High IP Rating. ... Security Cameras. ... High Efficiency. ... Highly Reliable Parts. ... Recording & Reporting Capabilities. ... More items...

What is the best home security monitoring service?

Based on our analysis, Brinks Home Security, formerly LiveWatch and MONI, is the best home security monitoring service for most people. In particular, we like that it offers more installation and equipment options than the competition. For a self-monitored, self-installed, no-contract system, check out our DIY home security review.

What is the best camera system for home security?

Infrared Security Camera. The infrared security camera has LEDs around its lens and is the best security camera system for home. The LEDs emit infrared light that’s captured by the camera. The camera captures the infrared light to see objects and living things that have a high temperature.

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