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Frequently Asked Questions

What is source monitoring in psychology?

Source Monitoring. Source monitoring is an unconscious mental test that humans perform in order to determine if a memory is "real" and accurate as opposed to being from a source like a dream or a movie. People use many sources to determine the source of a memory or idea.

What is the definition of self monitoring in psychology?

Definition of Self-Monitoring. Self-monitoring allows humans to measure their behavioral outcomes against a set of standards. Small children typically do not have the ability to self-monitor. It develops over time. Consider Jenny, a toddler, who does not have the capacity to monitor her expressive behaviors.

What is behaviour monitoring in psychology?

Behavior Monitoring 1 Committed action and exploration. Home practice is a focus of committed action because taking effective action in context is key. ... 2 Families and Addiction. The relationship between parental addictive behaviors and their children's behavioral problems may be explained by several pathways. 3 BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT

What is program monitoring and why is it important?

Program Monitoring uses key indicators to measure performance of a program. The regularity and purposes of monitoring vary widely from program to program but generally include processes, information form management information systems, and assessments form performance measurements.

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