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Frequently Asked Questions

Do moles or voles have tails?

Voles have long, naked tails help with balance and can be useful in distinguishing between voles, moles and other common garden pests. There are over 150 different species of voles and they range throughout the northeast and Midwest United States as well as Canada and parts of Alaska. Both moles and voles reside in Tennessee.

Do voles make mounds in your yard?

Voles leave no mounds behind. What attracts voles to your yard? Meadows, weeds, dense, heavy vegetative covers in your yard attract voles as they serve as an area to breed and protect them. Excess brush and mulch on your lawn. Woodpiles and corners around trees, shrubs, and gardens can serve as hiding areas for them.

Will moth balls deter voles?

Though mothballs are known as vole repellent they are hardly effective against them. Rather mothballs are infused with toxic chemicals and can put humans and pets at risk. In fact, mothballs are illegal to use in gardens. So it’s better to rely on other safe methods to repel voles. Do mothballs get rid of voles?

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