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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the unemployment insurance program in Minnesota?

Minnesota’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program, overseen by the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), partially replaces wages for individuals who find themselves out of a job at no fault of their own. It is also referred to as Unemployment Insurance Minnesota or UIMN.

How is the average unemployment rate calculated in Minnesota?

The computed average rate is determined by the ratio of all unemployment benefits paid to all Minnesota applicants laid off by employers in the subject group to all of the taxable wages reported by Minnesota employers in the subject group, plus the base tax rate.

What happens after you apply for unemployment in Minnesota?

After you apply, you will receive a Determination of Benefit Account document in the mail detailing your weekly Minnesota unemployment amount. You can expect to receive about 50% of your average weekly pay earned during your base period up to a maximum UIMN payment of $740.

How do I apply for unemployment in Minnesota during covid-19?

Minnesota unemployment laws require you to provide proof that you’re searching for new work. This can be done online through the Minnesota unemployment website or over the phone. DEED maintains a list of industries and businesses that are hiring during COVID-19.

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