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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Mixed Reality Portal not working on Windows 10?

Look for errors from around the time that the issue happened and that are related to HololensSensors, Mixed Reality, or the apps you were running at that time. The Mixed Reality Portal is having trouble initializing the graphics and composition stack. To fix:

Why can't I connect my mixed reality headset to my PC?

If you're have multiple displays connected to your PC in addition to the headset, your GPU may not have enough bandwidth. Remove additional monitors and try again. The Mixed Reality device was unable to use create a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connection to the computer. Please make sure that you are using a USB 3.0 port.

What is wrong with my USB controller driver for mixed reality?

These USB 3.0 controller drivers are often missing the ability to read and handle the ContainerID descriptor, which aggregates the different parts of the Mixed Reality headset into a cohesive unit (to play audio out of the correct headphones, video out the correct displays, and pull tracking data from the correct sensors).

Why is my presence sensor not initializing in Windows Mixed Reality?

Windows Mixed Reality is having trouble initializing the presence sensor on your Mixed Reality headset. In Device Manager, the headset will show the error message "PoseThread failed to initialize presence sensor". To fix: Unplug your headset, then plug it back in. Make sure the USB cable is plugged in all the way.

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