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Frequently Asked Questions

Is infant and newborn the same thing?

Generally, the terms baby and child are considered the same, however there is a clear cut difference between them. The difference between a baby and a child is based on its growth and the age of the baby. A baby is generally used for a child from birth to age 4, while a child is any infant from three month to one year old.

What is the best baby carrier for newborns?

A common nomination for the best newborn baby carrier under $100 is the Maya Ring Sling. Maya makes a basic ring sling, and also a lightly padded ring sling with prices ranging from $35-$80.

What does a newborn baby really need?

Newborns also need bedding, several receiving blankets, and a dresser or closet organizer for clothes storage. Items that are optional but helpful include a rocking chair, a swing, a baby monitor, a changing table and a clothes hamper.

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