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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Okta do for MGM Resorts?

Today, Okta is helping the MGM Resorts team connect all those devices, and the applications that reside on them, to a single, cloud-based identity platform. From experience, Howitt knows that traditional mobile device management solutions are fraught with problems. With Okta, he sees another solution.

How do I get in to Okta?

Get in to Okta Please enter your organization's address. We'll send you to your own login page, where you can access your account directly. Your Site Address

What is Okta’s responsibilities?

Responsibility Learn about our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program Okta for Good Learn about our mission to strengthen the connections between people, technology and community Diversity, Inclusion + Belonging

How can I get help building my Okta app?

Get help from Okta engineers and developers in the community Integrate with Okta Make your apps available to millions of users Get Started Spend less time on auth, more time on building amazing apps

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