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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do after accessing MGIC's cash flow worksheets?

After accessing our cash flow worksheets, browse MGIC’s training sessions. You’ll discover a variety of income training webinars to learn more about evaluating base and variable income, rental income analysis, personal and business tax return analysis and financial statement review classes.

How do I use the income calculation worksheet?

Right click on the below link, select "open in a new tab" to launch the Income Calculation Worksheet: Income Calculation Worksheet is required to be utilized on all wage earner, fixed income, rental income, residual income types. This Worksheet can also be used to calculate Schedule C income. Click on the hyperlink above to download the Worksheet.

What is MGIC mi?

Use MGIC MI to meet your community's diverse mortgage financing needs while reducing your exposure to credit risk, optimizing your capital utilization and reducing loan loss reserves Originate a new loan through refinancing while we processes it as a modification, keeping existing mortgage insurance coverage intact

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