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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mexico’s record against Honduras in the Gold Cup?

In direct confrontations in the Gold Cup tournament, they have played six times, Mexico has the numerical inferiority with three victories, two ties and only one victory for the Hondurans. This was achieved in the 2007 edition, when the Catrachos managed to win in the group stage with a brace by Carlos Costly.

Who won Mexico vs Honduras 3-0?

The game has ended and Mexico took the three points with a 3-0 win against Honduras at the Azteca stadium. Thanks for watching the minute by minute with and we will be back on Wednesday when the Mexican national team goes on the road to play against El Salvador.

How many times has Mexico beaten Honduras in soccer?

Mexico's biggest drubbing of the Honduran national team was in 1935 in the Central American and Caribbean Games, when the score was 8-2 in favor of the Tricolor. On the other hand, Honduras has beaten Mexico 3-1 on two occasions, first in 2001 and then in 2009 in World Cup qualifiers in San Pedro Sula.

What time does Mexico vs Honduras kick off?

Follow game Mexico vs Honduras live coverage, stream information, score online, prediction, TV channel, lineups preview, start date and result updates of the 2021 Gold Cup Playoffs on July 24th 2021. Kick-off start time: 10pm ET. Stay tuned to VAVEL to follow all the details related to soccer through Mexico's goal!

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