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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a GIF of the Mexican flag for free?

Animated Gif Flag Mexico - Gif Animations may be downloaded free of charge, the Mexico Flag and virtually all national flags are available. All graphics, illustrations or photographs reproduced on the domain are copyrighted.

What kind of background does the Mexican flag have?

All PNG and GIF Mexico Flags have transparent backgrounds. Page includes animated flags on poles, map flags, Mexican, flag buttons, heart flags and flags in frames. Mexican Flag clipart rectangular - JPEG clipart with white background. Mexican Flag button square - JPEG.

Where is the biggest Mexican flag in the world?

As of December 22, 2010, the biggest Mexican flag in the world is now located in Piedras Negras, Coahuila. Located at the Gran Plaza (Great Plaza) right across from International Bridge I connecting Piedras Negras with Eagle Pass, Texas.

Why is there no coat of arms on the Mexican flag?

The reasoning is that without the coat of arms, the flag would not be the Mexican flag; it would become nearly identical to the Italian flag. There was also debate in 1984 about how the coat of arms would be depicted on the reverse of the flag.

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