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Frequently Asked Questions

What flag is similar to Mexico's?

The designs of the Italian and Mexican flags are similar: green, white and red vertical stripes in the exact same order. The eagle shield in the center distinguishes the Mexican flag.

How did Mexico get their flag?

Traditionally, different communities throughout Mexico used flags to represent their people and cultures. One legend suggests that some of the first flags displayed were by the Aztec culture whose principal god had told them to build a new city where they found an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its mouth.

What does a Mexican flag look like?

The cactus in on an island in a lake, and beneath is a garland of green leaves and a red, white and green ribbon. Without the coat of arms, the Mexican flag looks like the Italian flag, with the same colors in the same order, although the Mexican flag is longer and the colors are a darker shade.

What is the story of the Mexican flag?

The Story of the Mexican Flag. Flags in their basic form are pieces of fabric flown from poles, that identify countries or groups of people. But the colors, symbols, and designs of the flags hold much more information about the people and cultures they represent.

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