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Frequently Asked Questions

What are steel drums used for?

Steel drums are used to store and transport fluids and other bulk materials. Used barrels have a ton of repurposes. Check our inventory below as we have a wide variety of barrels.

What are drums made of?

Drums are made from plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel, composite, and fiber materials. New and reconditioned drums are available in both steel and plastic as UN rated and non UN rated. Styles include straight sided, taper sided, rain or wine barrels, and salvage/overpack.

Where can I buy steel barrels?

Steel Barrels - Texas Barrel Supply. Metal and poly barrels, drums, and barrel components for sale. Texas Barrel Supply can deliver your barrels or you can pick them up from us.

What are the benefits of steel barrels?

Construction, farming, pharmaceutical, and motor industries, as well as the military, all use steel barrels. The long shelf life of a steel drum and compatibility for stacking makes storing these containers easy. Durable against weather extremes, steel drums with lids help protect the product from environmental contamination.

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