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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the font used for Internet memes?

The most used meme font is called Impact and the typeface was designed by Geoffrey Lee in 1965. Yes, you read right, the font was actually designed before the internet was a mainstream network for us all and much earlier before the funny memes made their rounds in the world-wide-web.

What is the best font for a script?

Good script fonts include True North, Black Jack, Oleo Script and Honey Script. Others include Authentica, Marketing Script and Aguafina Script Regular.

What is a nice font?

Nice Fonts. By earlier definition, fonts were limited to a particular size only, but now with digital and thus easily scalable fonts, they are no longer size-specific. The word nice means something pleasant, or pleasing, or agreeable in nature or appearance. Thus, a nice font is obviously the one, which is pleasant and esthetically attractive.

What is The Emoji font?

The font includes 826 emoji (a special set of images and emoticons) which support mobile phone emoji created in Unicode 6.0. (As of October, 2012) formats of Web font, woff is available. The font can be used widely on personal computers, tablet computers, mobile phones, etc.

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