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Frequently Asked Questions

What is @Python meme generator?

Python meme generator originally made for the discord-chat-bot HydroBot, but migrated to its own package for increased modularity and ease of use.

What is memepy’s memeimage?

MemePy has a list of defined MemeImage templates that are fed to a MemeFactory. The factory then produces an image with all the arguments, given by the user, pasted onto the image in the correct formats of the specific meme. In addition to just text-based memes, MemePy also supports substituting the text-argument with an image.

Where can I find the available meme templates?

The available meme templates can be found in the Image Library. The specifications of each meme template can be found in the Meme Library. Where builtin.JSON is the place for default templates. You can define your own templates as well, which is described below.

How do I save a meme using the command line?

Using the command-line, you can generate images from templates and save them to disk. path is where on your computer you want to save the meme. template is the underlying template to use for the meme (not case sensitive). *args are all arguments to be placed onto the template.

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