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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to my MDC course?

Use your MDC username (ex: jane.doe001) and password to log in Click on the 'Courses' link at the upper right-side corner of the screen to view all of your classes Click on the course link that appears under 'My Courses' (e.g., ENC1101-2203-0110) Begin exploring the content of your course by utilizing the menu bar on the left side of your screen

How do I submit a ticket to MDC?

Current and prospective students can submit a ticket by emailing [email protected] and will receive a response from the Student Support team. Search the MDC Online FAQs to see if the answers to your questions are readily available. For more information and assistance, please contact our Student Support Center:

How does blackboard use personal information on behalf of my institution?

Blackboard handles this information on behalf of your institution. The application uses cookies that are required to provide the necessary functionalities to you. To learn more about the use of cookies and how Blackboard uses personal information on behalf of your institution, please read Blackboard's Privacy Statement.

What is MDC all about?

MDC features award-winning performances, readings and exhibits that are as diverse as the community it calls home. Community engagement is an important part of our work. We collaborate with our partners to serve the community and train students in useful, workforce skills that lead to rewarding careers.

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