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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of a MBVC blower motor?

ModelMBVC1200AA-1 MBVC1600AA-1 MBVC2000AA-1 Blower Diameter 10" 10" 11" Width 8" 8" 10" Electrical Data Voltage 208 / 230 208 / 230 208 / 230 Min Circuit Ampacity 4.9 6.5 6.5 Max. Overcurrent Device (Amps) 15 15 15 Blower Motor

What are the MCA and mop specifications for the blower?

• Minimum Circuit Ampacity (MCA) and Maximum Overcurrent Protection (MOP) for blower without supplemental heat installed. Refer to unit nameplate for these specifications with approved accessory heaters installed. Product Specifications

When will comfortbridge MBVC models be available?

Due to COVID-19, ComfortBridge MBVC models will not be available till mid-June 2020. ComfortNet models are still currently available. A system that works smarter.

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