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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Mattermost for your business?

Mattermost has brought modern collaboration to the whole organization. Using Mattermost offers a huge benefit in mission velocity and safety. We take data compliance very seriously, and Mattermost offered a self-hosted solution along with a modern messaging user experience. Your tools should adapt to the way you work — not the other way around.

Why can't I login to my Mattermost account?

If you accidently tried logging in using your old Mattermost credentials more than five times, your account is likely locked out. Contact a team admin or email us at [email protected] to have your account unlocked. If you created your Mattermost account after 19 May, your P1 SSO account may not have been automatically created.

How do I access logs for Mattermost?

You can access logs for Mattermost and use them for troubleshooting. These steps assume that you have System Admin permissions. Ensure that log files are being created: Navigate to System Console > Environment > Logging, confirm that Output logs to file is set to true.

What information can be included in a Mattermost account?

This includes (but is not limited to): Team and Channel memberships, including Direct and Group Messages. Authentication methods. Client operating system and app versions. How users connect to the Mattermost server.

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