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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of labeling an axis in Matplotlib?

Basically, it is a line on a graph that runs horizontally through zero. Labels are either numbers that represent an axis’ scale or the text that describes the categories. Importing Libraries: Import the important libraries like Numpy and Pandas for data creation and pyplot from matplotlib for data visualization.

How do you label the x-axis in Matplotlib?

Add x-axis label: Use the xlabel () method to add an x-axis label. Generate graph: To display a graph on the user screen, use the show () method. matplotlib.pyplot.xlabel (xlabel, fontdict=None, labelpad=None, loc=None , **kwargs)

What is the purpose of the labelpad in matplotlib?

labelpad: Specify space, in points, from the bounding box of the axes, including ticks and tick labels. loc: Specify the location of the label. kwargs: Text properties that control the label’s appearance. Use the xlabel () method in matplotlib to add a label to the plot’s x-axis.

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