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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adjust the legend size in Matplotlib?

More information in matplotlib documentation There are multiple settings for adjusting the legend size. The two I find most useful are: labelspacing: which sets the spacing between label entries in multiples of the font size. For instance with a 10 point font, legend (..., labelspacing=0.2) will reduce the spacing between entries to 2 points.

How to change font size in Matplotlib?

The font size parameter can have integer or float values. It also accepts the string sizes like: ‘xx-small’, ‘x-small’, ‘small’, ‘medium’, ‘large’, ‘x-large’, ‘xx-large’. The prop keyword is used to change the font size property. It is used in Matplotlib as Using a prop keyword for changing the font size in legend.

What are the font properties of the legend?

The font properties of the legend. If None (default), the current matplotlib.rcParams will be used. The font size of the legend. If the value is numeric the size will be the absolute font size in points. String values are relative to the current default font size. This argument is only used if prop is not specified.

What is the difference between title_fontsize and fontsize in Matplotlib?

The fontsize argument sets the font size of each of the data labels, and the title_fontsize argument sets the fontsize of the title, if you give the legend a title. where fontsize is the font size of the items in legend and title_fontsize is the font size of the legend title. More information in matplotlib documentation

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