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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the stock bot?

Welcome to Stock bot! Stock is a bot where you can retrieve real-time stock quotes within seconds. You can also set price alerts to inform when a ticker of your choice goes above or below a set price, or you can create a stock channel that changes the title of a Discord channel to the ticker and the price of a stock you would like to follow.

What is the SM bot?

It is a bot to "play" with the stock market by using fake money ! It also supports cryptocurrencies. Prefix by default: sm! help Gives you the help you need! ( Warning: Your account will be instantly wiped out from the database without any confirmation!) prefix <prefix> Change my prefix to the choosen one!

Do I need to register to play MarketWatch?

If you are a teacher, professor or instructor looking to play a free stock market game with your class, you can use the documents to get started. Is MarketWatch registration a requirement? Yes. You must complete registration and create an account to join and play. It takes less than a minute and is, of course, free.

How can I use MarketWatch's news & research tools?

Use the expansive collection of news & research tools across MarketWatch to help you decide. For example, quote pages like this one allows you to chart a stock's progress, examine in-depth financials, read its latest announcements and much more to help you make informed decisions. Do you having learning material I can lean on?

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