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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Apple stock going down?

There are two clear reasons for declining iPhone sales. First, wireless carriers are killing off their hardware subsidies. That means many people are feeling the full cost of their smartphones for the first time, leading some to keep their devices for longer periods of time without upgrading.

Is Apple stock a Buy Right Now?

With its stock down 55% from highs hit a year ago, Alibaba is an especially attractive e-commerce stock to buy right now. 3. You can't mention Alibaba without also mentioning (NASDAQ: JD), although it has a different business model than its rival.

Why Apple shares are down?

After a Securities and Exchange Commission decision this week, Apple Inc. investors could be asked to vote on its use of concealment clauses — a shareholder proposal in the spotlight after a former employee told the SEC the tech giant wasn’t truthful ...

Why did Apple stock fall?

Our theme of Apple Component Supplier Stocks has declined by about 4% over the last week. While this is partly due to the broader market sell-off due to the real estate crisis in China, it’s possible that the iPhone launch event and the lack of price increases also hurt supplier stocks.

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