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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Market St Wharf?

Arriving on the scene at 11:13 pm, firefighters located the fire several hundred feet left of what was originally stated. Wooden members of what was once the Market St Wharf had caught fire and began to extend, being pushed up-river by a brisk wind. A second alarm was requested at 11:32 pm as the fire moved quickly along the old wharf.

Where is Market Wharf Toronto?

Built in 2011 & 2013 by Context Development, Market Wharf stands 8 & 33 storeys high with 464 suites. Conveniently located in the Waterfront Communities East (Esplanade/Distillery District) at The Esplanade and Market Street, Market Wharf is at 1 & 3 Market Street, Toronto.

Will the Market Street wharf fire impact the port of New Orleans?

A spokesperson with the Port of New Orleans said the Market Street Wharf is no longer active and therefore will not impact any of the port’s operations along the river. Mohammed Esaleh, who works at the Shell gas station on Tchoupitoulas Street one block from the where the fire was raging, said it caught his attention early.

How many firefighters were involved in the Market Street wharf fire?

Ultimately, the department sent 41 firefighters to the Market Street Wharf at the peak of the blaze but then began releasing some from the scene as they gradually brought it under control. No injuries resulting from Saturday night’s fire were reported, and investigators had not immediately determined a potential cause.

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