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Frequently Asked Questions

What uniforms are ROTC midshipmen issued?

Uniforms of midshipmen NROTC students are generally issued several types of uniforms, all for them to keep. The standard issue uniform is the poly/wool khaki, while Summer White and Service Dress Blue (commonly known as SDBs) are often seen on college campuses.

Does Northeastern University have Navy ROTC?

Northeastern University. The Boston Navy ROTC unit is a consortium that includes students from Boston University and Boston College. All Navy ROTC scholarships are for nursing only and cover full tuition, mandatory fees, a $375 per semester book stipend, and a $250 per month living stipend that increases by $50 each year.

What is ROTC basic training?

ROTC Basic Training. Generally speaking the 4 years of ROTC is the basic training for that program. However, if you don't join ROTC until your junior year OR if you attend a MJC (Military Junior College) get your commission through the Early ECP (Commissioning Program) then yes you will need some sort of basic training.

What rank is Army ROTC?

ROTC Officer Ranks. The lowest ranking Army ROTC officer is a cadet second lieutenant. The second up the ladder is cadet first lieutenant, followed by cadet captain. Above the cadet captain in rank is the cadet major. A cadet lieutenant colonel ranks above the cadet major, and the cadet colonel is the ROTC's highest officer rank.

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