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Frequently Asked Questions

Are corpsman considered Marines?

Corpsman are not considered Marines. That's why their cammies say "U.S. Navy" and have the Navy's emblem on them. They serve with Marines. They fight with Marines. They save Marines' lives. They lose Marine's medical records and close their eyes when they give us shots. But they have Marines' respect and are still sailors.

What rank is a corpsman in the Navy?

The Navy rank of HM3 stands for Hospital Corpsman, Third Class. A Corpsman is a medical specialist enlisted in the United States Navy.

Do Navy corpsman wear USMC uniforms?

When serving on a U.S. Navy ship or at a U.S. Navy hospital, corpsmen wore the same uniforms as other enlisted sailors. When serving with the Fleet Marine Force, Corpsmen were given special permission to wear many of the same uniforms as the U.S. Marine Corps with a few modifications.

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