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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the manufacturing game®?

The Manufacturing Game®. The Manufacturing Game® simulation two-day workshops create a lasting reliability culture through Systems Thinking, Cross Functional Behavior and Defect Intolerance.

Where can I play Factory games?

Play factory games at Enter the large buildings where things get made. Will it be a gritty factory or one with a clean room? Use the conveyor belts, pipes, machines, and workers to assemly large quantities of items to sell all around the world in these factory themed games.

What is the lean manufacturing simulation game?

The Lean Manufacturing Simulation Game. The LeanActivity Game Model provides you with a simple but powerful Training Tool. The Lean Game. The most Interactive and Fun Lean Game ever. This is the only available Lean Simulation Game providing your next Lean workshop with Lean understanding, commitment and fun. Unboxing the 15kg Travel Suitcase.

How do I get Started With gamification?

Three simple steps to get started. Watch the Train-the-Trainer Video Instruction, set-up the game on a table or virtually and play the game with your colleagues or team. Simulate the Tools of Lean Manufacturing. Define new ways to successfully roll-out Lean in your Organization. Use Gamification to inspire your staff, from management to operators.

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