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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the creator of the manufacturing game?

He is one of the creators of The Manufacturing Game® as part of his work at DuPont. Winston formed his own consulting firm, Ledet Enterprises, Inc, in 1993 using The Manufacturing Game® to help drive improvement efforts in process industries as well as discreet part manufacturing sites around the world.

Where are the games made?

Manufacturing occurs in our Michigan and Indiana locations where we are able to physically monitor all the manufacturing, and quality, at every step. We are your one-stop source for complete game manufacturing in the USA.

What is the lean manufacturing simulation game?

The Lean Manufacturing Simulation Game. The LeanActivity Game Model provides you with a simple but powerful Training Tool. The Lean Game. The most Interactive and Fun Lean Game ever. This is the only available Lean Simulation Game providing your next Lean workshop with Lean understanding, commitment and fun. Unboxing the 15kg Travel Suitcase.

What are the different levels of the manufacturing simulation game?

The Manufacturing simulation game comes with three scenarios, increasing in the level of difficulty – Introduction, Extended, and Advanced. Many of the concepts intro- duced in Part 1 of this book are explored in further detail in this section, in the context of each scenario.

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