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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gainsharing?

What is Gainsharing? Gainsharing is a bonus system that rewards employees following improvements in operational performance A communication system that details the sales, productivity, and costs of the organization and reviews where and how improvements can be made

Should all employees be included in our gainsharing system?

No. Successful Gainsharing systems exist in both union and non-union companies. If you have a union, they should be included in the design and approval process, but there is no inherent conflict between Gainsharing and unions. Should all employees be included in our Gainsharing system?

Is gainsharing pay-for-performance?

Therefore, Gainsharing is viewed as a pay-for-performance initiative. Profit sharing often is viewed as a entitlement or employee benefit. Gainsharing reinforces behaviors that promote improved performance.

What makes a successful gainsharing plan?

A very important part of a successful Gainsharing plan is the employee involvement element of Gainsharing. In order to foster a culture of positive change, a successful Gainsharing plan needs to incorporate a structure system of employee involvement.

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