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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a manufactured home worth remodeling?

To decide if a manufactured home is worth remodeling, it's necessary to study the top market value of the home after certain repairs or upgrades are installed. Find a realtor who specializes in mobile homes or speak with the mobile home park director about improvements and value.

What are products that are manufactured in Montana?

Agriculture. In terms of revenue generated Montana's top five agricultural products are cattle and calves, wheat, barley, hay, and sugar beets. Beef cattle are Montana's most important livestock product. Some of the country's biggest cattle ranches are in Montana. Dairy cattle, sheep and hogs are also raised.

What are manufactured and modular homes?

The difference between modular and manufactured homes is often in the permanence. For instance modular homes are placed on a permanent foundation; whereas trailers, or manufactured homes are built on a steel chassis with wheels attached.

What is manufactured home property?

A manufactured home is a structure that is constructed almost entirely in a factory and rests on a permanent chassis. The house is placed on a steel chassis (a supporting frame) and transported to the building site. The wheels can be removed but the chassis stays in place.

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