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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can destroy Cui?

DoDI 5200.48:CUI 4.5 (a) When destroying CUI, including in electronic form, agencies must do so in a manner making it unreadable, indecipherable, and irrecoverable. If the law, regulation, or government-wide policy specifies a method of destruction, agencies must use the method prescribed.

What is the goal of Cui?

CUI's Commitment to Quality. CUI provides high quality products and services by meeting applicable requirements and continually improving processes with the goal of exceeding customer expectations. CUI Inc has been certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standard.

Who can decontrol Cui?

The CUI program (32 CFR 2002.4(s)) explicitly defines decontrolling CUI as the removal of safeguarding or dissemination controls from CUI that no longer require controls. The capability to decontrol CUI (both CUI Basic and CUI Specified), and to remove Limited Dissemination Controls (applied to promote a Lawful Government Purpose in handling CUI), belongs to all Authorized Holders, including the designating agencies that originally designate, or control, information as CUI – but also, other Executive branch agencies, and, where provided in a contract or agreement, non-federal entities handling CUI.

What is the goal of destroying Cui?

Making it unreadable, indecipherable and unrecoverable, is the goal of destroying CUI.

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