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Frequently Asked Questions

When does 10 digit dialing start?

10-digit dialing starts Feb. 7 in Indiana. Mandatory 10-digit dialing starts Feb. 7 in part of Indiana, meaning all callers in the region that have numbers beginning with 812 will need to start dialing the area code plus the normal seven-digit number due to the addition of a new area code.

Why you must dial "1" before the area code?

In Canada and some regions of the United States, placing a landline call with "1" before an area code where the outgoing call is in the same service area results in an automated recording indicating that the call being made is local. The toll prefix is not necessary, even if the area codes are different. This is common in areas with overlays.

What is a 10 digit phone number?

By definition the MIN is a 10-digit number that identifies the existing service provider an individual utilizes, not the individual customer. The Mobile Directory Number (MDN) is the 10-digit phone number that is the customer's wireless phone number.

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