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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate Magi financial eligibility?

Add together each person’s MAGI individual income to determine the total Eligibility Determination Group (EDG) MAGI income. Subtract the standard MAGI disregard (found in the standard MAGI disregard table) to obtain the MAGI household income. Step 5: Determine MAGI financial eligibility.

How does the Magi calculator work?

The calculator contains fields with required values for calculating MAGI to facilitate the calculation process. You fill in the blanks depending on which tax credits you have been granted. Entering values, the calculator displays the total amount of MAGI.

How do I calculate monthly income for an individual?

To calculate monthly income for an individual under the MAGI rules. Follow the five steps outlined below. Complete this form only for the people in the individual’s MAGI household who are applying for benefits. Each member of the household applying for benefits requires a separate MAGI worksheet, and the steps must be completed in numerical order.

What can I do after accessing MGIC's cash flow worksheets?

After accessing our cash flow worksheets, browse MGIC’s training sessions. You’ll discover a variety of income training webinars to learn more about evaluating base and variable income, rental income analysis, personal and business tax return analysis and financial statement review classes.

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