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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best machine learning courses on Coursera?

Andrew Ng ’s Machine Learning is one of the most popular courses on Coursera, and probably the most popular course on machine learning/AI. I enrolled it a while ago and forgot it after watching a few lectures.

What are the best resources for learning machine learning?

Resource are mostly from online course platforms like DataCamp, Coursera and Udacity. Hard-written notes and Lecture pdfs from Machine Learning course by Andrew Ng on Coursera. Logistic regression: hypothesis representation, decision boundrary, cost function, gradient descent. Overfitting: reduce feature space; regularization.

What is machine learning in real estate?

Machine learning is a science that gives computers the ability to learn without explicitly programmed. For example, given training data with housing size and price, which represents feature and label respectively.

What is multi-class classification in machine learning?

When new data comes in, our training model predicts its label, that is, label 1 (Malignant) or label 0 (Benign). It’s called Binary or Binomial Classification if we group data in two kinds of label. It’s called Multi-class or Multinomial Classification if we group data in more than two kinds of label.

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