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Frequently Asked Questions

When will dsnap start in Louisiana?

"DSNAP cannot begin in communities until all other federal disaster food assistance in a parish has ended (including PODs and Disaster Household Distribution), power and telephone/internet connectivity are restored, mail delivery is in operation and grocery stores are open," Louisiana's Department of Children & Family Services website said.

Can dsnap be used to buy hot food in Louisiana?

There is currently a waiver in effect until October 28, 2021 allowing for benefits to be used to purchase hot or prepared foods. For more information, visit How long do I have to use my DSNAP benefits?

What to expect in Louisiana D-Snap and snap after a disaster?

What to expect in Louisiana D-SNAP and SNAP after a disaster September 1, 2021 After a disaster, many people in the affected area lose the perishable food in their home, and may have scarce resources to purchase food, or may find their resources impossible to access.

Can I apply for dsnap after Hurricane Ida?

SNAP recipients are not eligible for DSNAP and should not apply. Information about SNAP benefits changes related to Hurricane Ida, including replacement benefits for food lost due to power outages, can be found at

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