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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a loss mitigator letter?

The Loss Mitigator's name, lending institution and address is placed under your contact information. The next line should include the current date, then your loan number placed underneath the date. The body of the letter should be between four to six paragraphs. Close the letter with by signing and printing your name.

What is a loss mitigation option?

(1) The loss mitigation option permits the borrower to delay paying covered amounts until the mortgage loan is refinanced, the mortgaged property is sold, the term of the mortgage loan ends, or, for a mortgage loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration, the mortgage insurance terminates.

What happens if a loss mitigation application is incomplete?

If a loss mitigation application is incomplete, the notice shall state the additional documents and information the borrower must submit to make the loss mitigation application complete and the applicable date pursuant to paragraph (b) (2) (ii) of this section.

How do you notify a borrower of a loss mitigation application?

(B) Notify the borrower in writing within 5 days (excluding legal public holi days, Satur days, and Sun days) after receiving the loss mitigation application that the servicer acknowledges receipt of the loss mitigation application and that the servicer has determined that the loss mitigation application is either complete or incomplete.

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