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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best airport in London?

London Luton is the best airport in London for opening hours. Closest London Airport for the City Centre: In a major city such as London, it often makes sense to choose the airport that provides the shortest ground transfer to or from the airport. See London airport location map. London City Airport is the closest London Airport to the city centre.

What are the names of the airports in London?

Airports serving London. London Heathrow Airport, main international airport in Greater London (also known as London Airport from 1946 to 1966) London Ashford Airport, in Lydd, Kent. London Biggin Hill Airport.

How many airports are there in London?

London has five major airports: London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton and London Stansted. We have all the information you need about London's airport facilities, locations and connections, including a London Airports Map.

What airport in London is the cheapest to fly into?

But, hey, there's even more good news for prospective travelers eager to seek out the likes of Big Ben and the British Museum this year, because Gatwick is also the cheapest arrival airport in all of England, touting an average flight price of just $934 round trip on routes originating in the States.

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