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Frequently Asked Questions

Does LogMeIn have free version?

Free services are fading with every passing day. The latest to go is the remote connection service LogMeIn Ignition, which has offered a free version of its service for the last 10 years. Users could pay for additional features, but basic use was covered for free.

Is LogMeIn secure?

All LogMeIn products employ active defense security protocols that provide you with the highest available security in a remote access solution. LogMeIn is ready and able to be part of your secure remote access solution.

What to do when your account is hacked?

When your email account is hacked, here are several steps you need to take to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again: Check (and update) your computer’s security. Change your password and make it stronger. Send an email to your contacts saying you were hacked. Smarten up about spam, phishing, and scams.

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