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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study film and television at LMU?

LMU's Production (Film and Television) major helps students understand how to express their ideas on the screen – whether that screen is in a theater, at home, or held in the palm of a hand.

What is a production (film and television) major?

You might be a Production (Film and Television) major if you: Our award-winning faculty members are experts at making feature films, documentaries, television shows, dance and music videos, video art, and new media art. Their work has been seen worldwide in theaters, on TV, and at film festivals, museums and art galleries.

What's new at LMU?

LMU Trustees and Regents joined faculty, staff and students to dedicate the new Howard B. Fitzpatrick Pavilion. Honoring the Best of Student Filmmaking at SFTV! While a longstanding tradition, the 2021 Industry Awards certainly took it up a notch. And the winners are...

What books are available for students studying film and television?

Books written by faculty members include A Guide to Screenwriting Success. Our majors receive valuable assistance from the School of Film and Television’s Office of Industry Relations. This office is our students' lifeline to the entertainment industry.

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