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Frequently Asked Questions

What does line mean in math?

A line, strictly speaking, has no ends. ... The two arrow heads indicate that this is a line which passes through J and K but goes on forever in both directions.

What is the definition of line in math?

In modern mathematics, given the multitude of geometries, the concept of a line is closely tied to the way the geometry is described. For instance, in analytic geometry, a line in the plane is often defined as the set of points whose coordinates satisfy a given linear equation, but in a more abstract setting, such as incidence geometry, a line may be an independent object, distinct from the set of points which lie on it.

What is the definition of a line in geometry?

In geometry a line: • is straight (no curves), • has no thickness, and. • extends in both directions without end (infinitely). ... If it does have ends it is called a "Line Segment".

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