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Frequently Asked Questions

How old to work at lids?

Minimum Age Requirement: You must be at least 16 years old to work at any Lids. Some locations will allow younger workers (in certain states), if the applicant can provide a letter of exemption.

What is lids return policy?

LIDS Return Policy. Refunds for items returned after 30 days of original purchase date will be in the form of a gift card and will be returned at the current retail price. Items returned after 90 days of purchase will not be accepted. All items must be unworn, unwashed and in new condition to be eligible for a refund, merchandise credit or an exchange.

What is a lid on a car?

A deck lid is another term that refers to the trunk lid of the vehicle. Deck lid panels are commonly decorated in the automotive community. Deck lids only refer to the upper part of the trunk. The part of the deck lid that holds the latch, is referred to the deck lid panel.

What is the definition of a lid?

The definition of a lid is the removable cover of something, or is an action to stop something, or is slang for an ounce of marijuana. An example of a lid is the top of a can of beans. An example of a lid is putting a lid on street violence.

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