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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build Super Mario the Mighty Bowser on Lego?

Appreciate the king of the Koopas when you build, display and play with LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser (71411). This buildable figure uses new-for-October-2022 LEGO elements to recreate the look of Bowser’s spikes and has many features, including a fireball launcher and a button to control Bowser’s head and neck movements.

Is Bowser the ultimate boss?

"Bowser is, quite simply, the ultimate boss – and we're delighted to announce that we're introducing this oversized version to the LEGO Super Mario adult line for a little added peril," said Carl Merriam, Senior Designer, LEGO Super Mario.

How many pieces are in the Bowser Lego set?

But like most expensive Lego sets, this Bowser build comes with 2,807 pieces, so it’s going to take a while to put together. While this giant Bowser set may look like it’s just a model for adult builders — much like the giant NES set — the lizard king is a bit more interactive.

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