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Frequently Asked Questions

What to ask senior leaders?

If you ask a senior leader to comment on the problems and loopholes within contemporary leadership, he/she can provide a detailed insight to your question by sharing his/her experience. It is better to ask this question as it can help young leaders point out their mistakes and wrongdoings in order to become better leaders.

What questions to ask executive leadership?

Top hard skills interview questions for executives. What do you think our company is doing well? What’s one thing you would change? Why this matters: A candidate who comes to the table with...

How to develop effective interview questions?

Using the job description as a guide, develop questions based on each major task, responsibility or core skill. Avoid questions that will only prompt a “yes” or “no” answer, use Behavioral Interview techniques to elicit a comprehensive view of the candidates past behavior which is the best predictor of future behavior.

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